Josh Fernandez has experience in the mobile electronics field. He is MESA certified through the Installer Institute ( ii ) school of mobile Electronics. Also working in the field for a few years along side with Jason Anderson, one of two hundred Master Certified installers in the country. 


Make Our Work Fun

Make work fun by celebrating all types of accomplishments.


Demonstrate honesty and integrity through our actions and words with each other, customers, family, vendors, and our community.

Focus On The Customer

Focus on the building a relationship with our customers by providing undivided attention before, during, and after the sale.

Be Extraordinary

Demonstrate a passionate drive for improvements of ourselves, business and each other.

Growth and Financial Success

Build our dominance in every market that we serve through our passion and efforts toward financial success.



Provide people with the products that fit their lifestyle and meet their needs.


Mobile Installation Experts strongly emphasizes focusing on the customer, job integrity and providing the most up-to-date information.

Delivering the Mission and Values

Mobile Installation Experts core ideologies provide a clear indication of the quality of our work and products provided to our customers.


At the age of 11, Josh Fernandez was helping a family move, the family gifted him a broken down 1987 Porsche 924S! Although it did not run, Josh and his dad accepted the gift and a young boy began to embark on what would become a true journey of a lifetime. When Josh Fernandez was 16 years old, not only did he perform the work on the Suburban, but also had a Porsche 924S at the show that he began working on when he was 11. Kudos to his dad, Alberto Fernandez for supporting him, teaching him, and allowing him to pursue his dream. Josh won 1st place Street Class SUV & 3rd place Street Class European at SBN26 at SPRING BREAK NATIONALS (SBN). SIXTEEN AND DRIVEN| Driven Lifestyle Magazine

Thanks to the article SIXTEEN AND DRIVEN, Josh would have never been

offered an internship to go to a speaker manufacturer to learn more from sundown audio.

He was able to help design and work on their demo van. He traveled there for a summer to work with Sundown Audio, and experienced an amazing opportunity!

Originally, Josh dreamed of opening a mechanic shop with his dad while growing up, but this journey has changed his direction. He realizes that customizing is his passion and hoped to someday operate a business of his own, called “Fernandez Customs”. All his previous projects were signified by his Fernandez Edition logo and NOW all his work is labeled MIE.

His dreams finally came true. The previous owner, Jason Anderson met Josh at Installers Institute (ii). Jason saw a young installer with motivation and ambition of owning his own custom audio business. Jason decided to hire Josh after viewing his work. Josh worked along side with Jason for a few year. Jason was one of two hundred Master Certified installers in the country and Josh will always be grateful working beside him and teaching him lessons that has brought him this far to this day.