How do I know who is working on my vehicle?

Mobile Installation Experts only hires certified installers. The owner Josh Fernandez is a graduate of the Installer Institute, school of mobile electronics. He is MESA Certified, and worked for a couple years along side with Jason Anderson, a Master Installer 1 of only 200 in the country.

Will my vehicle be driven to another location to have the equipment installed?
No, Mobile Installation Experts does all the work on site. The only time we would need to drive your vehicle is during test drives to confirm that the equipment is working properly. Test drives are usually less than 2 miles.

Is the company working on my vehicle insured?

Yes, Mobile Installation Experts is a licensed and insured incorporation.

Will adding this additional equipment void my factory warranty?

Purchasing and having accessories installed in your vehicle does not void your warranty unless the manufacturer has been able to convince the Federal Trade Commission that the installation and/or service will cause a malfunction to the vehicle and the restriction is in the public interest. These are difficult tests to meet, especially since the public is economically and technologically ahead through third party accessory options. If your manufacturer or dealer tells you that your warranty is void or able to be voided due to third party accessories or service, ask him for the Federal Trade Commission determination supporting the claim. You may even want to call the FTC yourself.

What if I have a problem once the installation is complete?

Don't worry, Mobile Installation Experts will correct the problem. In most cases we can come to your location to troubleshoot your problem. What is the warranty information of the equipment being installed? The warranty length varies from product to product. However, most of the products have a warranty that matches your factory warranty, 3 years or 36,000 miles. Mobile Installation Experts labor warranty is lifetime.

How long does the installation of my new equipment take?

It depends on what we are installing. Most installations take two to three hours. Our job is not complete until everything is working correctly.